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Patio Partners

Patio Partners just adds that extra touch of spring to your collection of Daffodil! An even mix of Tete-e-tete Miniature Daffodils and Blue Muscari are the very core of the Spring flowering garden, with beautiful  touches of blue.

They provide a dazzling display telling us “Spring is here”. Plant the Daffodils 3-5 cm deep, 8-10 cm apart in well worked soil, preferably in a sunny, free draining position.

If drainage is a problem, plant shallower and mound the soil over the bulbs. Never cut back or remove the foliage until it has died down naturally.

Blue Muscari is tolerant to most conditions in the garden, they are best planted 3-5 cm deep, 4-5 cm apart, in well worked soil.

They can be left undisturbed for years.

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