Earrings - Nichola Earrings - Hinetakurua


Earrings - Nichola Earrings -  Hinetakurua

New collection, Hinetakurua (known as the Winter maiden) this collection is based on different personifications of the elements of winter. 

The kōrero (story) behind this earring design: Hinetakurua is known as the Winter maiden and is the wife of Tamanuiterā (the Sun) along with her sister Hineraumati. Hinetakurua is the daughter of Tangaroa akiukiu and is a sister to Hineraumati. She is personified by the star Sirius, which is the brightest star in the night sky. Her realm is the ocean, her task is to produce and conserve fish with her father.

Together with Tamanuiterā, Hinetakurua has a number of children, and each of them is connected to the afflictions of winter including frost, snow, cold winds and the hard frozen earth.  All of these children are stars that are located near Hinetakurua. When they are seen on the horizon before the rising of the sun, winter is upon the earth and the children come down from the heavens bringing the many faces of winter.

This design is based on the Tara (the AMAZING vagina) to represent femininity, strength and life that is associated with Hinetakurua.

L DIMENSIONS:  30 mm x 40 mm
XL DIMENSIONS:  40 mm x 50 mm

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