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Say "yes" to the devil on your shoulder and feast on all the deliciously "messy" foods you really want to eat.

If you’ve ever found yourself saying "no, I shouldn’t" to the grilled, greasy, grab-me-a-napkin-NOW kind of food, it’s time to stop denying your appetite and tuck in your tie, pull back your hair, and let things get messy with an irresistible plate of grown-up comfort food.

When you’re hungry for more than just salad and snacks, go with your gut and allow yourself to enjoy the bold and beloved dishes in this book. Tickle your breakfast taste buds with Blueberry Cotton Candy Pancakes. Risk getting back to the office without a squeaky-clean shirt after chowing on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. And then, end the day with the (un)shameful dishes you can’t help but drool over – Sweet & Spicy Wings, followed by some Apple Chedder Pie and a refreshing Margarita.

With over 65 tasty recipes to recreate at home, Deliciously Messy Food is your bona fide permission to think "YOLO," "why not," and indulge in the finger-licking flavors of all your fast-food favorites.

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